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A Trip to 45th Parallel

Locations in New Richmond Wisconsin & Stillwater Minnesota
45th Parallel Distillery in New Richmond, Wisconsin
45th Parallel Distillery

The Vinocopia team took a trip to 45th Parallel located in New Richmond Wisconsin recently in April of 2022. The team did a tour of the entire distillery including taking a gander at all the wonderful whiskey barrels. They even tried a few signature drinks at their cocktail bar. The team ended the tour tasting some of their delicious woodfire pizza. Upon visiting the distillery, the passion they have for making world class spirits is immediately clear.

45th Parallel Whiskey Barrels in New Richmond Wisconsin
Stack of 45th Parallel Whiskey Barrels

45th Parallel’s process is a full circle local production and begins when they pick up grain from Rusmar farm. They then mill, mash, ferment, and distill it all within our facility. Afterwards, the grain is shipped to another local farm where it is used as feed for livestock. Naturally, the livestock turn the grain into fertilizer for next year’s crops.

45th Parallel in New Richmond Wisconsin, Bloody Mary
45th Parallel Bloody Mary

45th Parallel Bar ad Restaurant Area
Restaurant & Bar Area

Wisconsin made 45th Parallel Espresso Martini
45th Parallel Espressso Martini


When you conduct slow distillation you can separate all the different components and respect your temperatures during the process. Today many “craft” distillers use a hurried approach that minimizes, or even rejects these frameworks.

Still at 45th Parallel
45th Parallel Still

New Richmond's Wisconsin Whiskey Barrels
45th Parallel Whiskey Barrels


When you understand that time is a factor you cannot control, you focus on the ones you can. Temperature and humidity are two very important elements in the maturation process. Many try to speed up the aging process by using higher temperatures and using smaller barrels. This results in a hard and disproportionate amount of tannins. There is no substitute for time. It is a fundamental part of achieving high-quality products.

Today many distillers care more about maturing their spirit quickly with wood extracts. A traditional slow maturation process results in a full-bodied flavor that can only be accomplished from years in high-quality wood barrels. Time is constant and cannot be controlled. The Vinocopia team had so much fun touring the New Richmond 45th Parallel location, we are eager to check out their new Stillwater location, which also includes a cocktail bar and restaurant.

Vinocopia team member enjoying a bloody mary at 45th Parallel in Wisconsin
The Vinocopia Team Enjoying a Bloody Mary

Vinocopia team meeting in New Richmond Wisconsin at 45th Parallel
Vinocopia Team Meeting

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