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  • Olivia

Introducing Confetti Sweet

A dazzling Wine for any Fabulous time!

Our product of the month is Confetti sweet made and produced in Trentino Italy where they hand pick the grapes and carefully select and vinify using advanced technology. They offer four fun fresh flavors that are perfect for the warm weather coming up. Sweet Pink Rose, Sweet Summer Peach, Sweet Red and Sweet Pink Grapefruit. 

These four flavors are fruity and sweet, which is what spring and summer is all about!

Sweet Pink Rose has a bright rose color that has aromas of fresh strawberries with light fizzy taste of watermelon which would be the perfect choice when deciding what drink to take to lay out by the pool or spend the day on the patio with family and friends.

Sweet Summer Peach would be the perfect drink to bring to any vacation destination, its pleasantly sweet  With flavors of juicy peach and honey and pair well with a charcuterie board or some fresh fruit. 

Confetti Sweet red is a bolder wine with aromas of black berries and plums, and tastes that way too, with a perfect balance of bubbles. I imagine this wine being perfect for any holiday occasion, because anyone would appreciate the classic taste of sweet red.

Sweet Pink Grapefruit is a coral pink wine that is bright and sweet to the taste with a delicious aroma of fresh grapefruits. This wine would be a showstopper at any celebration or party, you cannot go wrong with a fun pink drink to start your night!

The classic Pinot Grigio has bright floral and fruity aromas that are light and crisp on the palate, this wine would be amazing for any date night or gathering, or just a relaxing night home.


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