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Alto Molino

Simple. Modern. Sustainable.

Sustainably made wine from Argentina

Simple. Modern. Sustainable.

What is good for the environment is also good for the wine. We are committed to producing high quality wines that reflect our landscape and climate. We strive to preserve the quality of our natural resources. There are four different topics we will discuss: water, energy, waste, and climate.

All of the water we use in our Salta vineyards comes from a retaining pond that collects surface melt from the Andes snow packs above and flows down from the mountains. Using both drip and surface irrigation, we’re able to precisely control the amount of water used.

Alto Molino's Delicious Rosé

We practice sustainability during our harvest. Our winery in Cafayate, Salta is one of three gravity-flow wineries in Argentina. Built into the side of a mountain, it features a three-tiered gravity flow system for winemaking that minimizes use of electricity to move the grapes through the winemaking process using only gravity. The system is not only more sustainable, but also maximizes flavor by preventing grapes from breaking prematurely, seeds from being crushed, and juice from being oxygenated or heated.

We avoid inorganic fertilizer and instead compost the pumice of our grapes and stems to improve soil fertility. After pressing the grapes, the remaining organic material is allowed to compost. It is then used to fertilize the vines.

Argentina’s climate is essential to our success in creating high quality wines in a sustainable way. Due to the high altitude that our winery operates in; we do not struggle with pests, mold or disease like other more humid wine regions do. The Andes Mountains create a dry climate in our growing regions. This area would be a natural desert, but because of our sophisticated irrigation system we can still supply our vines with as much water as they need to grow the highest quality grapes.

Alto Molino Torrontes and Malbec

Alto Molino's Torrontes, a Tropical White

Alto Molino Malbec

Alto Molino Malbec

Alto! Molino!

The Argentine Dream



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