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January Featured Brands

Alto Molino | Brady’s | Lapis Luna

Alto Molino was designed for those who value price point as much as authenticity. Grown in one of the highest altitude vineyards in the world, Alto Molino wines get their beautiful, robust flavors from fertile lands and the purest of waters. The Malbec, one of the many award winning wines from Alto Molino, is a young, bright, and bold wine with a sharp, lingering finish; paired perfectly with a steak dinner. The Argentine region-specific Torrontes, is fresh, floral, and light; a beautiful white for any salad or seafood. No matter the occasion, Alto Molino deserves to be in your regular wine rotation.


Brady’s Irish Cream hails from one of the oldest cream liqueur plants in the world. Crafted with fresh cream and triple distilled whiskey, Brady’s is perfect for those days where you need a little richness in your life. This full bodied, creamy liqueur contains happy notes of butterscotch and natural vanilla. Enjoying Brady’s on its own, making your coffee Irish, by putting a twist on the classic martini are all wonderful ways to get a sense of the rich life Brady’s lovers lead.


Lapis Luna wines were named and crafted with the effect the moon has on the North Coast California grapes in mind. Latin for Stone and Moon, Lapis Luna wines are all about connecting with something greater than ourselves. Beautifully designed works of art adorn the bottles, each telling a different piece of the Hero’s Journey. These labels fit perfectly with the beautifully flavored wines themselves. Lapis Luna’s award winning Zinfandel contains notes of spice and pepper, dark berry colors and a lovely acidity. Their Chardonnay is full-bodied with hints of orange zest and vanilla aromatics and a savory apple and buttery smooth finish. Lapis Luna wines were designed to be enjoyed any day of the week, whether the moon is a sliver or a stone.


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