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California Wine & Bourbon

Learn more about our Featured Brands below:

Bliss Vineyards

Bliss Family Vineyards, out of Northern California, have a storied history built on family and farming. The original picture-perfect land the vineyard was built upon was purchased by an awestruck Irv Bliss in the 1930s, to be developed as a family farm for three more generations. Only recently did the Bliss family decide the best way to honor their Grandfather and his beautiful ranch was to showcase the fruits of his labor.

Bliss has been working for nearly a century on developing the richest possible fruits for mouth-watering, versatile wines. Each wine has been crafted to pair with a range of meals: a Zinfandel for pork, their Blissful Red for pizza, a Chardonnay for an afternoon on the patio. Affordable and delicious, Bliss Family Vineyard strives to bring the beautiful rolling hills of Northern California to your home.

California Wine Bliss Family Vineyards
Bliss Family Vineyards Wines Group Photo

Four Roses Bourbon

One of the oldest bourbon makers in the world, Four Roses has been in production across the globe since the late 1800s. While ownership has changed over time, Four Roses distillery has been making the same delicious bourbon for over a century. Named for founder Paul Jones Junior’s love, who wore a corsage of Four Roses in honor of their engagement, Four Roses has always been rooted in passion.

The catalog of Four Roses is not wide, but deep. They have committed to perfecting bourbon in a way few others have. The signature caramel hue and complex flavors of fruit and spices, followed by a long and pleasant finish are what make Four Roses bourbon stand out from the rest. Balanced enough to mix into your favorite cocktail, yet complex enough for it to stand on its own, Four Roses bourbon is the perfect bottle for casual drinkers and mixologists alike.

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey | 4 Roses
Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon | Made in Kentucky


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