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February Featured Brands

Bonny Doon | Blue Ox | Rich Wine Co.

Bonny Doon has been on the cutting edge of innovation in wines for over thirty years. From changing the stigma around screw caps, to embracing transparent labeling policies, Bonny Doon is a vineyard of firsts since the beginning. Randall Graham founded Bonny Doon in the hopes of bringing Burgundy, France to central California. The most important “first” for Bonny Doon, was the discovery that Rhone grapes were essential to bringing the flavors of France across the Atlantic. Over three decades, Bonny Doon expanded into a multi-label vineyard before settling back “Doon” in the early 2010s; selling off much of the company and returning to their roots to continue their quest in making delicious, affordable wine.

Bonny Doon believes that wine should convey a sense of place when drinking it, that it should take you to wherever the wine was made. This is quite different from most wines made in North America, where vineyards value consistent, standardized product over nuance and character. This leads to an old-fashioned approach to tending the grapes, allowing the vineyard to reach somewhat of an equilibrium on its own in terms of soil quality and grape maturity. This leads to deep & balanced flavor profiles, just as the French would have wanted.


Blue Ox Spirits out of neighboring Iowa bring the boldest of flavors to their spirits. This Hawkeye state distillery focuses on developing high character spirits, much like the folks who drink Blue Ox. From vodka, to whiskey, to rum or gin, Blue Ox spirits are gluten-free, on top of being bold and delicious. Blue Ox makes their vodka with 100% Iowa corn and distilled four times, leading to the smoothest of finishes. Their American Spirit whiskey is aged two years in oak barrels to give it character, just like the people who drink it. If you’re looking for a home-grown, Midwest-made spirit at affordable prices, Blue Ox is right up your alley.


It’s better to be rich, and spicy, and creamy, according to Rich Wine Co. Rich Wines are as rich as wine gets. Most chardonnays share similar qualities; not so with Rich Wine’s “Rich & Creamy”, which uses a malolactic fermentation process to introduce that distinct creaminess to this wine, with bright flavors of citrus and vanilla. Their “Rich & Spicy” is a cabernet sauvignon, aged for three months in bourbon barrels to give it big, bold, and of course spicy flavors of dark chocolate, blackberry, and vanilla bean; perfect for dinner on the grill. Live the Rich life with Rich Wine Company.


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