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July Featured Brands

Flying Dutchman | Piattelli Torrontés

Gin and Rum sitting by the water
Flying Dutchman Spirits

The founders of Flying Dutchman have been around the world and back. What they discovered upon their travels was the joy of sharing unique and bright flavors, much like their Danish ancestors. While their ancestors dabbled in spices, Flying Dutchman has claimed the realm of spirits as their own. Flying Dutchman Spirits are makers of vodka, rum, blue agave, and mediterráneo style gin.

Flying Dutchman Rum

Flying Dutchman’s rum would make any pirate proud, distilled with pure sugar cane. The most unique spirit from the distillery is their Blue Agave, which for legal purposes cannot be called Tequila or Mescal, which can only be distilled in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Flying Dutchman made it their goal to prove that quality agave based spirits can be made anywhere, even so close to the Northern border.

Gin sitting on a rock in the forest
Flying Dutchman Gin
Gin sitting on a log by the water
Flying Dutchman Mediterraneo Gin
Gin and Rum on ledge
Flying Dutchman Spirits

Piattelli Vineyards Torrontes
Piattelli Torrontés

Torrontés, from Piattelli Vineyards, is one of the most unique wines I myself have ever tasted. Made with Torrontés grapes in the Andes Mountains of Argentina, this crisp white wine is essential for the heatwave summers of Minnesota. To maintain its signature delicate and floral flavors, the Torrontés grapes are gently crushed at the gravity-flo Piattelli vineyard, and fermented at a cool 55 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain the wines integrity. Light, floral flavors, and tropical aromas of pineapple and fresh apricot lends this wine to be perfectly suited for spicy foods, white fish, or any fresh salad.

White Wine
Piattelli Vineyards Torrontés
Piattelli Vineyards



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